Chloe: Ugly Show

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Reviews Micheal Neel: This is probably the worst show on Chloe4Adhlts made by Mike Addeo Linda Neel: I Was watching episode 1-4 they were terrible as hell, The First Episode shows him Killing Jerry Seinfeld witch he is a ripoff of Ted from World Took. He Killed Bart Simpson and Lisa was happy that Frank killed his brother and then he meet the characters from bevis and butthead watching a show called "Kill South Park" And then. He killed Stan and Butters do you know that's child abuse. Right. And Then he killed Peter and call him a fat man by ripping his head with a pistol sucker on his towel and. Then Him watching futurama and the characters got a nigh five on the characters. The Second Episode he recorded a fat guy on McDonald's dancing and doing The middle finger on his phone and then he went to the cafe and worst of all. He said A Big penis on his phone and his meet a robot that's got fat. Frank called him a good robot that's a fat idiot Frank was at church on his punched the cheeks on the president by saying I'm America and then he see black skins on otters and in the night. The Third Episode he knows dogs that bite by getting him a pet dog Golden Retriever that bits people's brain by Licking on the faces and the last episode Frank got arrested in jail. Tracy: No Plots. That's Strange Stupid Show