ADT Edit


On The Turn Down Service commerical. a yellow lab is next to the little girl on the left. A Yellow lab references Chloe

Budweiser Super Bowl Edit


on The Super Bowl 2014-2015 commericals. you can see the yellow lab reference chloe

CarMax Edit


On The Quality Time With the Kids Commerical. A Dog that looks like chloe or maggie

CBS 3 Edit

There was a lab that looks like chloe and rosey

Cottonelle Toliet Paper Edit

On The Monster commerical. a yellow lab is reference chloe

Chevy Edit

on The Maddle Commerical. a Puppy Version that looks like chloe

K9 Edit

The Yellow lab looks like chloe

Petsmart Edit

The yellow lab is a puppy version of chloe

Subaru Edit

Every commerical features chloe

SpongeBob SquarePants Edit

On The Episode Plankton! The Dog is a reference of chloe when plankton says This is my lab! The Dog barks 2 times that sound likes Rosey

Med 1487540176 image

Mercedes Benz Edit

Mercedes Santa Puppy Commercial

A Dog looks like Cod